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Happy birthday!

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Back in 2005 or so, someone recommended a little program called LJArchive. It downloads all of one's LJ posts (with the option to include comments as well), and includes a search feature. It's the perfect thing for tracking down that "I know I posted it in LJ somewhere" post.

Sometime between 2009 and 2012, it stopped working, at least for me. All the old messages were there as of 2009, but I kept getting an error message when I tried to download newer messages. In 2012, I went hunting again for either a fix or another program that would do the same thing. What I found was someone in Germany who liked the LJArchive program enough to pay a programmer to fix the problem. No guarantees, but indeed it worked, and I tossed whoever it was (I see no name on the page) some money via his PayPal link.

Fast-forward to today in 2015, when I wanted to find something on LJ using LJArchive. Which is when I realized that a) I hadn't installed LJArchive on the new computer I bought a couple of years ago, though I did still have the old archive file, b) the download file at SourceForge is the old bad version, and c) because I only had access to the old bad version, I couldn't search LJArchive for my post with the link to the fixed version, because that was posted in 2012, after the date the program would crash.

After a certain amount of manual searching on LJ, I finally found the post. Thankfully, the page is still up, as is the direct link to the fixed file. I'm not sure why my Google searches failed, but I'm hoping that by posting here and then doing an immediate update to my LJArchive archive, I won't have the problem again. I've also saved the fixed file in my downloads directory, adding "fixed" to the name.

The real way to keep this fix from total obscurity, however, would be to get the updated version posted at the SourceForge site. I don't have a SourceForge account, and have no connection with the fixed program other than as a satisfied user. The guy who posted the fix -- I don't have a name, just the e-mail address a.q@gmx.net -- didn't fix it, he paid a developer. However, both the fixed application and the source code are available at his site. Any idea how it could get updated on SourceForge?

Happy birthday!

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The Sad Tale of Squirrel Got-In

About 14 years ago -- well past the statute of limitations, I hope -- in a house I no longer own, I heard a noise coming from somewhere in the room where I was watching television. Cats, I assumed -- until I saw that both cats were accounted for, and the noise appeared to be coming from elsewhere, behind a bookshelf. I looked behind the bookshelf, and there was a squirrel. He didn't look any happier to see me than I was to see him.

I planned my next step as carefully as I could. I was going to keep the cats and squirrel sequestered while I sneaked out to open the front door. Then I would shoo the squirrel outside, while valiantly attempting to keep cats in.

This, like many battle plans, failed to survive contact with the enemy. I somehow managed to get the squirrel out of the room while locking the cats in. So far, so good. The squirrel headed for the open door. Even better. Unfortunately, he then took a right turn at Albuquerque. I had recently had the unfortunate brown carpet removed and the nice wood underneath sanded and finished. As part of the drying process, all the floor vent covers had to be removed, and I hadn't yet got around to putting them back.

I bet you can see where this is going. Sure enough, the stupid little rodent dived into the heating ductwork. I could hear scrabbling, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. The duct cleaning company I called said that (live) squirrels were outwith their purview.

Days passed, and the scrabbling sounds got fainter. Then there was an unpleasant aroma for a day or two. Eventually I did have the ductwork cleaned, and the workers didn't mention anything about the skeleton that was presumably lurking there.

I very carefully didn't say anything about this when I sold the house. And now, well, as I said, statute of limitations. But I still feel vaguely guilty about the foolish critter that I inadvertently trapped in the dark.

And I never did figure out how the hell the damned squirrel got into my media room in the first place.

(originally posted as a comment to one of kaffyr's LJ posts.)

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